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Taxi-booking apps are now an important part of life. They have earned millions of users around the world due to their simplicity in usage and cost-effective nature. The global digitization has spread the use of taxi-booking apps to every corner. Now, any individual can book a taxi in the comfort of their homes within a few minutes. They can get into a taxi right at their gate without having to search for a taxi or negotiate for a lower fare. But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Taxi booking app development services come with more options. The following are the latest developments in the taxi industry:

  • Taxi apps are now providing bike taxis along with the other vehicle models. These are available at cheaper fares than car taxis. They are also more time-efficient as they can zip right through traffic.
  • E-scooters are another option that is environment-friendly and reduces harmful emissions in the environment.
  • There are also new features such as Book for a friend, SOS button, In-app games, and more to bring in more users to the app.

Build your own powerful app with the best taxi app development providers in the market. INORU has a team of expert taxi app developers who will transform your business digitally. Check them out now!


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